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Supply Chain Disruption and Panama
Next week I'll be speaking at Panama Invest 2017.  A primary topic of discussion: how will supply chain disruption impact Panama?

On the one hand, Panama has one of the most valuable supply chain assets in the world. Completed in 1914, the Panama Canal became the strategic link between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  A 400-year-old idea (dating back to Balboa's discovery in 1513) became a possibility after close to 100 years of work on the part of Spain and France. It became a reality after 10 years of construction by the US, under the leadership of President Roosevelt. And it became a strategic asset during World War II, when it helped the US to replenish its Pacific fleet of aircraft carriers.

Today, the Panama Canal represents not just a technological marvel, but also a commercial breakthrough. A 48-mile man-made waterway, it saves nearly 8,000 miles on a sea trip from New York to San Francisco. It represents the fulcrum of East-West com…