Supply Chain Disruption and Panama
Next week I'll be speaking at Panama Invest 2017.  A primary topic of discussion: how will supply chain disruption impact Panama?

On the one hand, Panama has one of the most valuable supply chain assets in the world. Completed in 1914, the Panama Canal became the strategic link between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  A 400-year-old idea (dating back to Balboa's discovery in 1513) became a possibility after close to 100 years of work on the part of Spain and France. It became a reality after 10 years of construction by the US, under the leadership of President Roosevelt. And it became a strategic asset during World War II, when it helped the US to replenish its Pacific fleet of aircraft carriers.

Today, the Panama Canal represents not just a technological marvel, but also a commercial breakthrough. A 48-mile man-made waterway, it saves nearly 8,000 miles on a sea trip from New York to San Francisco. It represents the fulcrum of East-West com…

M&A in Logistics: an Interview

New Deals in Logistics with BGSA's Ben Gordon
Dustin Matteson asked me to do an interview with him on M&A and the future of logistics. Dustin specializes in the supply chain, and this was a good opportunity to explore the big issues in our sector, so I was happy to do so. Winners with the ability to pursue different strategies are emerging in our sector, thanks to a combination of new technology, convergence of supply chain services, and consolidation.

Please see for the details. I hope you like it!


Transportation: A Window into the Economy

CNBC Interview on Transportation, Logistics, and the Economy with BGSA's Ben Gordon
CNBC's Sue Herera and I discussed the state of transportation and logistics, and the implications for the broader economy. Now more than ever, great companies in the supply chain sector need the ability to adapt. In the interview, we talk about cycling, consolidation and innovation. These themes are consistent with what BGSA is seeing, and how Cambridge Capital is investing. See the interview at


Logistics: The View from Palm Beach

The BGSA Supply Chain Conference in Palm Beach
Every January, we have the pleasure of hosting more than 200 CEOs and leaders of transportation, logistics, supply chain and technology companies at the Breakers in Palm Beach. The annual BGSA Supply Chain conference has become a great way to learn about the big trends and opportunities shaping the industry.

So what did we learn this year? I'll post the highlights. You can also see additional details at the BGSA 2017 conference site.

In sum, we see three key themes in particular: the Trump Bump, the power of e-commerce, and consolidation.

The Trump Bump
First, let’s start with the data. At BGSA, we track the BGSA Supply Chain Index, which is a basket of 67 companies across nine segments, including logistics, trucking, rail, supply chain technology, and all other related segments.  The BGSA Supply Chain Index grew 16% in 2016, compared with a symmetrical 16% drop last year.  The BGSA Supply Chain Index also outperformed the S&P 500, whi…

Thoughts on Supply Chain Technology and Logistics: How Corporate Giants are Holding off Disrupters

Cambridge Capital in Fortune Magazine
The pace of change in transportation and logistics has never been faster! We are witnessing a flurry of activity: driverless trucks, e-commerce marketplaces, machine-to-machine platooning, and more.

How can transportation and logistics firms keep up? One option is to invest in the disruptors. At Cambridge Capital here in sunny Palm Beach, Andrea Vandersall and I have spent time studying what the smartest companies in the supply chain are doing, and how they are investing. See for thoughts on what to do!


Ben Gordon and Cambridge Capital on How Corporate Giants are Holding off Disrupters Attendees stand under a General Motors Co. 2017 Sierra 2500 Denali HD pickup truck during the Chicago Auto Show in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017. Photograph by Daniel Acker—Bloomberg via Getty Images COMMENTARY DISRUPTERS Here’s How Corporate Giants Are Holding Of…